Thursday, 12 July 2012

I Learned Everything from Twitter

I admit that when I first joined Twitter, I didn't actually "get it". It took months for me to "see the charm", even though Twitter had always been magnificent.

Twitter actually became an extraordinary thing for me when I started to see the real life in it. I understood that Twitter educates us every little thing we'll ever should know in after a using it for a while.

We Are Interconnected

Twitter is an interconnected internet of life. What I tweet has an impact on you, and just what you tweet have an impact on me. Twitter flourishes on interconnectivity.

Like Twitter, our lives depend on social relationships. We are connected to other people, and to the planet we live in, even though we don't think about that very much. After we understand that our existence depends on this connected relationship, we live even more compassionately.

Just what We Hand out, We Get Back

A lot of people have understood currently that selfishness does not get you anywhere on Twitter. If all of your tweets are just about promotion yourself and if you don't bother answering mentions, be prepared to have no followers at all.

The same thing happens in life. Iif everything you care about is just yourself, and don't bother about other people, you are going to be an empty and lonely person. The method to come to be succesful in life, and on Twitter as well, is to be kind-hearted and have a giving nature. Exactly what can I do for you? Just how can I serve? Using your unique presents and abilities in service to others delivers immeasurable meaning to life and returns to you grew.

We Choose Our Thoughts

On Twitter, we select our tweets (a.k.a. thoughts). These possibilities influence our relationships, reputation, and influence on Twitter. Our tweets impact our future experience online.

In life, we additionally pick each idea we think. These ideas impact our relationships, track record, and influence. Every idea we think impacts the way we experience our life.

If we understand we are responsible for our thoughts, we select more carefully. We pick thoughts that sustain rather than damage us.

Our Power is in the Present Minute

Tweets have an extremely short shelf life. What you have tweeted yesterday, and tomorrow's tweet, has no value. It's just what you're tweeting NOW that is going to have an effect.

Also in life, all we actually have is now. Yesterday and tomorrow are just ideas in your imagination. The "now" is everything you'll ever have, so what are you going to do with it? What are you thinking right now, because the "now" is your chance! Now is everything that matters.

Life is Better Simple

We just have 140 characters to express ourselves on Twitter.. Simple. Straightforward. Easy.

Life can easily additionally be easy and effortless. We can easily lose the drama. We can get to the point. We can easily choose which we want and go all out. Life is just complicated when you think it is.

I have a remarkably easy formula for a satisfied life. What do you like to do? Do that.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Creative People to Follow on Twitter

I don't think Twitter is really the thing for me, I've been on and off, sometimes sharing like crazy but more often than not being away for long periods. But I still like to follow creative people, as they are always sharing some really interesting stuff I like to read about.

Here's some really creative people to follow on Twitter:

This list has some of the people that share things I like, and they are most creative types, designers, bloggers, and more importantly, they all seem to be very nice good people.

Oh, and if you want, you can also follow @annawbath too, that's me! :)

Sunday, 20 May 2012

What to Write on Your First Blog Post?

I've been thinking about starting my own blog for a long time, but never knew what should I write about, and actually I still don't. So, even with all of this indecision madness going on, I decide to give it a go.

I suppose one thing that many people do before writing their own very first blog post is to do a Google search on the topic, and I for my surprise I found many people writing about the very first blog post.

There's a lot of good information out there. I found this post to be the most complete on the subject and this one to be the most entertaining, my first post will probably be the just like the latter example.

Either way, I think the main reason for me to start writing this blog is to find a place where I can express myself, talk about the things on my mind and things I like, but to be entirely honest, I'm not sure if I have something interesting enough to become a regular blogger.

Well, there's still much to come, and I'm sure this will be quite an interesting experience. I'm sure I'll will end up learning a lot with it, and perhaps you'll learn something by reading my blog too.